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Cream Goji Cream
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How to buy in Kochi Goji Cream

Goji Cream is an innovative anti-wrinkle cream based on goji berry extract. Created for girls and women aged 22 and over (no restrictions). Universal - for face, eye area and décolleté. The volume of one pack is 50 ml.

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  3. in 2-7 days pay for the order after receiving it by mail or courier in Kochi

Please note that the exact shipping cost of the package depends on the city, once you receive the package, you can pay for the order. When confirming your order, please indicate the full delivery address (postal code, India, Kochi, street, house number).

Goji cream immediately hydrates and evens out the tone. Can be used as a composition base. Regular use has an anti-aging effect. Removes puffiness and fatigue under the eyes, softens wrinkles and prevents their appearance.

Reviews about Goji Cream in Kochi

  • Ekta
    I do not regret the money spent. The cream is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. After the first application, the skin came back to life. I have been using it for over six months. I recently took a picture, comparing before and after using goji cream. There are no previous expressive wrinkles near the eyes and cheeks. The neck and décolleté are more toned and look younger.
    Goji Cream
  • Madhu
    Choose Goji Cream as a natural foundation for makeup and to prevent deep wrinkles. I did not err in the election. Moisturizes, nourishes, evens out the face, removes imperfections. I use cream every day. A few months later, I noticed that the facial wrinkles on the forehead had virtually disappeared. I am happy with the result.
    Goji Cream