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Cream Goji Cream
₹ 1990₹ 3980

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Original Goji Cream can only be purchased through the official product website. Beware of counterfeit products on third party sites!

Real Goji Cream - How to get a discount in Guwahati

For those who want to order at a discount, enter your phone number and name on the online order form on the official website. Wait for feedback to place an order and answer all your questions and wishes for delivery. The manager will call you, specify the delivery details, the time of receiving the cream.

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How to buy in Guwahati Goji Cream

Goji Cream is an innovative anti-wrinkle cream based on goji berry extract. Created for girls and women aged 22 and over (no restrictions). Universal - for face, eye area and décolleté. The volume of one pack is 50 ml.

Price ₹ 1990 - fill out the form for those who want to get a promotion cream in Guwahati

Hurry to order with 50% discount. The duration of the promotion is limited. Valid in India for custom through official website. It is very easy to order a cream using a special form on the website:

  1. enter your name and phone number on the order form, showing your name and phone number in the blank fields
  2. get a free consultation from our specialist to find out the delivery details
  3. within 2-7 days you will receive by courier mail at your home (payment upon receipt of parcel) in Guwahati

Please note that the exact cost of sending a package depends on the city, payment for the mail order. When confirming your order, please indicate the full delivery address (postal code, India, Guwahati, street, house number).

Goji cream immediately hydrates and evens out the tone. Can be used as a composition base. Regular use has an anti-aging effect. Removes puffiness and fatigue under the eyes, softens wrinkles and prevents their appearance.